Engineer / producer

Photo By Kyle Kenehan

Photo By Kyle Kenehan

Aside from being a writer and musician, I am an accomplished producer, recording and mix engineer.  I studied audio engineering and production at the Institute of Audio Research in NYC, and I have over 15 years experience working with major artists as well as local talent on both coasts.  I brought the knowledge and experience I acquired in NYC over to the west coast where I am now helping artists in both San Diego and Los Angeles realize their musical visions.  


My debut solo album, Let The Machine Get It, is the most recent addition to my resume.  It is a great example of what I am capable of as not only a musician and composer but as a producer, recording and mix engineer.  



"Ariel is a great engineer and producer because he's a great listener.  He catches all the details that others might overlook.  He's also fast and efficient at whatever he's doing, so no time is wasted in the studio.  And if I remember correctly, he likes turkey sandwiches..."

-Michael G (Easy Star Records, Easy Star All-Stars, Goldswagger)


"Ariel isn't only the most skilled engineer / producer I've worked with, he's also the fastest and most efficient.  If you want to work with someone who make make your dream project sound the best it can while treating your time and money like his own time and money, Ariel is the way to go" 

-Ryan Burke (Dinosaur Ghost, 60 Cycle Hum)


"I’ve always felt very comfortable working with Ariel in the studio. He’s well engaged yet not overbearing as an engineer, which allows me to feel less pressure while trying to deliver a good performance. He also does a great job translating the ideas and demands of producers who might not have the exact musical vocabulary to describe what they want to hear, which again, takes pressure off of me as a performer."

-Drew Pelisek (CHON)


"...Ariel is a big time talent, I can't imagine a way that I would have been able to accomplish my goals without him.  He's a talented singer who knows how to help other singers, understanding, patient, and efficient.  He smoothly coached me toward my best possible results and quickly navigated new paths around problem areas.  He orchestrated most of the vocal harmonies on my album and sang backup parts in several places.  When I would describe sounds and feelings I was looking for, he understood immediately.  This man understands seemingly every aspect of the music and record making process.  He's a talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, a pro tools wiz, an accomplished, current, and highly knowledgable engineer.  He doesn't cut corners, he finds unbelievable deals.  You're able to get big time results with big time gear, and big time talent.  He's out there making his own brilliant music and he too, is unwilling to compromise on quality for his own recordings.  If you're looking for an engineer, a producer, a songwriting partner, whatever...if it is part of making a record, contacting Ariel Levine is a good place to start.  Listen to his brilliant body of work - especially his own albums.  You'll be blown away.  Ariel Levine will continue to be part of any record I ever make...."

-Geoff Lenox (Geoff Lenox Band, TSI)


"…If you get eh chance to work with Ariel from start to finish you will come out the other end sweaty and satisfied…"

-Alex Rude (Atom Strange)


"...Ariel was the engineer / producer on the 'Trunk Jam' album by Urban Sun. I sang lead vox on those tracks and worked directly with Ariel on the sessions. He had a way of getting genuine performances out of me while still keeping a steady workflow. He wouldn't move on from a song until he felt I sang my balls off on it, and I appreciated that. It was our best received album by a long shot and I credit a lot of that to mean Ariel Levine."

-Joe Trombino (NBC's The Voice, The Great Apes)