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Recording Artist, Musician, Songwriter, Producer

Let the machine get it


Song of the YeaR

Sunshine Part 2: On My Color TV

2018 San Diego Music Award winner


2018 saN diego music award nominee

Song of the Year
Ariel Levine - Sunshine Part 2: On My Color TV

Album of the Year
Ariel Levine - Let the Machine Get It


ariel levine

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel and raised in New York City, levine now resides
in southern california where he's become an integral part of the music industry.

His debut album, Let The Machine Get It, is out now.


"The debut album from San Diego artist Ariel Levine has elements ranging from the brash sounds of Queens of the Stones Age, David Bowie, to the heady material of Pink Floyd’s Animals. The most notable thing about Let The Machine Get It is how meticulously crafted it is. Ariel Levine, a recording engineer in San Diego, has now applied his skills to his own album–and the results show."


Ariel Levine - "Wake Up, Look Down" (Official Video)

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"let the machine get it
grabs the listener by the collar
and throws them into the
rock and roll world of ariel levine"

-Max Sanchez, ListenSD